Vulnerable Thoughts

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it's having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome.” — Brené Brown So, today I’ve decided to touch on the topic of vulnerability. Considering that I think one of the main reasons I and all of us hold back or fail to... Continue Reading →

The Simple Truth About SHOWING UP

Showing up is all about being present (physically, mentally, emotionally). It’s about being accountable and owning your impact. For me, my goal for Finding My Float, was to show up for myself in a way that I may have lacked and needed my whole life … and to keep showing up for all of you... Continue Reading →

Not Kansas

A Poem by Imgy I was I am I will be I want to be I can be I might be Etcetera and so on … The socks go on Two bits 4 a dollar The race The chase A wild hair, A deep, long stare ... A howl, A flick ... The glasses arrive... Continue Reading →

As a Doornail

By Imgy Five minutes to …Write,Talk,Speak, Open up,Dare greatlyTo be vulnerable,To let the thoughts out, the ideas out,Let the ...Emotions express. Ripples, Waves, Caves, Deep dark scary Memories. So many, so much inside ... I don't know If I'm ready to find.But if it's ...IN my way — I want it OUT. Out of the... Continue Reading →

One for the Success Journal

Today's 5 minutes: I've decided to publish my five minutes of blog writing per doctors orders (9:46pm-10:03pm) rather than having it build up to a single post after several days. Yes, I know that's 17 minutes there. But, I think that was her very idea ... to break the seal; get the ball rolling; create... Continue Reading →

Surprise, MTHFR! (I’m a Mutant)

Believe it or not, I didn’t just cuss you. And even though my blog title is an attempt at being playful, I’m actually not kidding about being a mutant. In my last post, I mentioned recently receiving some additional news from the doctor. Well, here’s the curveball... I have an MTHFR mutation. Cue the ominous... Continue Reading →

Easter Sunday and Doctor’s Orders

Well, as you might have noticed, my “mental health day” turned into a “mental health month and a half” as it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here on the blog. My Instagram feed is the only platform that’s gotten my attention lately. Prescription to Blog You should be hearing from me here with... Continue Reading →

But First, a Mental Health Day

A Case of the Mondays Despite having a relatively wonderful weekend celebrating my sweet husband’s birthday, I found myself taking a "mental health day" today. I mean, I was telling him this morning, “It’s so weird, it’s like when you wake up with an unexpected stomach virus … except in this case, I woke up... Continue Reading →

Laundry List of Resolutions

It’s hard to believe it's February already. It would seem a little late to be talking about my laundry list of resolutions, but … well, my brain has been spinning on overdrive (since the year turned) trying to settle on hard fast resolutions for this year. I shared an image of a quote recently on... Continue Reading →

My First Blogiversary

Hello, my peeps! After a 6 month hiatus, here I am, coffee in hand, at the keyboard, clicking out a message to let you know … on my one year blogiversary … I have not dropped off the planet. I’m still here, and I’m bringing this blog back, baby … one year to the day... Continue Reading →

Ducks in a Row

Getting your "ducks in a row" is an admirable goal for anyone these days, but I’d dare say it's an even bigger challenge for the ADD’er to have one’s ducks in line. The idea behind the idiom is to have all one’s preparations done and arranged before beginning an activity or project. The phrase, as... Continue Reading →

It’s Like This

Today I want to share some thoughts with you that are pretty personal. They don’t wrap together neatly with a bow and can't exactly be collected into a singular ADHD category, so I won't share them all at once, or all today. But I will say, they’re all things weighing a little heavy on ADHD Me... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Moms with ADHD Rock

Mother's Day is here again! I want to wish all the mommas out there a Happy Mother's Day, but I want to say a little something special to all you moms with ADHD! When planning for my Mother’s Day post, I wanted to bring light and focus to the positives of being a mom with... Continue Reading →

Sometimes We Just Need to Take a Breath

ADHD and Procrastination I found myself yet again having trouble getting started with writing my blog post for this week. Even though I have this really awesome idea that I’m super interested in and looking forward to sharing with you, I found myself too relaxed early in the week with an impaired sense of “oh-I-have-plenty-of-time”... Continue Reading →

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