A Dog By Any Other Name?

Shakespeare Has My Back

Just as good ole William originally pointed out in the quote below, … when all is said and done, … a thing is what it is.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.


My “Sasha Fierce” … my “Chris Gaines” … my “George Elliot” … my rose by another name … is Imogen Luca. But, you can call me Imgy.

I did a bit of soul-searching before I decided to go it slightly incognito by not using my given name here. I promise, though, … I’m still me … no matter what name I go by. If anything, I hope doing this will allow more transparency than I could afford otherwise.

I have foster children that have been in my care to think about. Their anonymity is kind of paramount. Plus this will allow a little respectful privacy for my family, friends, and myself. So you can expect me to rename all of those folks mentioned above, as well. I’m pretty excited about that part. It’s kind of a sweet deal for me — I love naming things!

The idea is to create a “safe” place in a globally public way where vulnerable feelings can be exchanged freely and more confidently as I get things off the ground. This whole ADHD thing is a pretty invasive, personal thing that I honestly haven’t shared yet with many people in my life. I feel like I need to figure out who I am with this new knowledge, this diagnosis. For now at least, I’d rather do my intimate exploring this way because so much of it is unknown territory.

I’m relearning who I am all over again in light of the ADHD … maybe I’m not crazy, lazy or inept. I’m learning that it’s not all my fault and that my brain is different than a neurotypical brain. There are reasons I am the way I am and there are things I can do about it.

Square incognito doggyI’m no Beyonce, but just like she used the alter ego of Sasha Fierce to safely and publicly experiment with who she was while keeping her integrity intact, that’s much what I’m doing here. My pen name (my Sasha Fierce), Imogen Luca means “Imagination, Innocent + Light.” I picked it on purpose and with a lot of thought.

Anyway, long story short … that’s my plan, until I’m ready to lose the glasses and wear the cape.

But for now, you can call me … Imgy. 



What are your thoughts?

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