The 20 Most Annoying Things My ADHD Makes Me Do

Before I began working through any of kind treatment plan for managing my ADHD symptoms, I made myself a list of my most bothersome symptoms, so “Future Me” could come back later to review, compare, and — in theory — see drastic progress. Time will tell.

Here’s to hoping! Cheers!

The 20 Most Annoying Things My ADHD Makes Me Do

Thanks to my Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, I incessantly …

  1. Interrupt other people, including finishing other people’s sentences.
  2. Lose track of time and lose track of where I am on a task (mid-task).
  3. Try to do too many things at once.
  4. Forget things around the house (from room to room) — CONSTANTLY.
  5. Get overwhelmed easily (and quickly).
  6. Have difficulty making decisions (especially simples ones).
  7. Make clutter and then get overwhelmed by it.
  8. Have paperwork piles … and piles … and piles … and …
  9. Am unable to hold a thought while I wait for the appropriate time to execute it / share it / etc.
  10. Am emotionally dysregulated and sensorily sensitive.
  11. Am unable to pause well (or soon enough).
  12. have trouble paying attention to someone talking to me (or the TV). I really miss having DVR. The ability to rewind live television was miraculous.
  13. Have to reread … and reread … and reread … until I can finally catch what I just read.
  14. Forget what I’m saying mid-sentence (#squirrel).
  15. Am unable to even start something anything something.
  16. Am anxiety-ridden about cooking regular meals in the kitchen.
  17. Am in a constant state of unease (quickly upset by things, easily panicked, often worried, agitated, irritable, etc) … though I do a bang-up job of hiding it (most of the time).
  18. (Not a big complaint) But — have trouble napping during the day. It has always been hard to nearly impossible (except when napping with my son back when he was a newborn and toddler). Nighttime sleep is irregular at best, but overall not terrible. I’m usually tired all day and yawn around the clock.
  19. Find myself completely unable to make myself meditate regularly.
  20. Perform below my potential (and I’m never able to accomplish all I wish to).

Image of colorful handwritten list of annoying ADHD symptoms

Small Steps Forward

Although I have yet to put all the legs of my treatment plan in place successfully, I am trying to recognize that I am, in fact, walking in the right direction and that I am, slowly but surely, making some progress.

Image of a Lego Stormtrooper walking away, leaving footprints in the sand, as a metaphor for making small steps of progress with managing ADHD symptoms

My Biggest Improvements to Date:

  1. Now, I actually find I’m able to CHOOSE whether to interrupt someone or not.
  2. When I’m able to meditate regularly (and I don’t forget to take my medication), I’m more calm and content, allowing me to handle surprise issues and problems more resiliently than before.
  3. I can also handle more sensory input now. For example, prior to diagnosis, medication, meditation, bullet journaling, therapy, learning about ADHD and my particular flavor of ADHD, … being around a crowd of loud, active people would have made me uneasy, frustrated, agitated, irritable, and unable to think in straight lines. Now, that same crowd is way more tolerable and kind of just settles in like background music.

Fun (Momentary?) BONUS Improvement! 

I’m completely excited to share this one with you, even though it may never happen again!

image of a party with an Elvis impersonator as a humorous fun bonus to celebrate progress with ADHD symptoms

Without interrupting myself a bazillion times (while reading or writing) to edit, explain and/or rewrite the thing, … I was able to write (and read back to the Hubs) all-the-way through a long batch of text. For me this is huge. I literally fixed one typo. One. Just one! AND … I hadn’t … even … noticed. He pointed it out to me after he shook the shock off his face.

Normally, I would have interrupted my own flow so many times by half-way through, that he’d be completely lost and would’ve forgotten what I was even reading about in the first place! He said it was literally the first time I’d ever done that in the entire time he’s known me. Ya’ll, we’ve known each other for 23 years!

For the most part, I have not had that same perfect laser focus again when writing (or reading it back), … but man alive, it really is easier to write now than before! It makes the idea of writing this blog .. a thing. And I really love that it’s not entirely unthinkable now!

What About You?

With this in mind, what are some of your most annoying ADHD symptoms? What drives you crazy? Have you made any exciting progress you can share? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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  1. Wow! Wow! And wow!! I’ve read all your posts on this blog (at least I think I have) and I relate to so much of what you talk/write about. I was initially searching for info on girls with ADHD (for my daughter), but now I’m looking at both of us and wondering if we both need testing/diagnosing.
    But back to this article… no. 7 about clutter had me in tears (of laughter)! I’m totally like that. Oh the clutter!
    Anyway, keep writing and posting (I’ll be subscribing). Oh, and I love the post with the “superpowers”. I share many of those with you.

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