5 Reasons Why Moms with ADHD Rock

Mother’s Day is here again! I want to wish all the mommas out there a Happy Mother’s Day, but I want to say a little something special to all you moms with ADHD!

When planning for my Mother’s Day post, I wanted to bring light and focus to the positives of being a mom with ADHD. Before I started writing though, out of curiosity, I did a quick scan on the internet to see what I could find others saying … and to my dismay, no matter how I phrased my search, I came up empty-handed. There was plenty of commentary available on the difficulties of parenting children with ADHD and even on being a parent with ADHD. I found support, survival tips and explanations for why being a mom (or a parent) with ADHD is doubly hard.  However, I found nothing written specifically pointing out the strengths of being a mom with ADHD!

Well Momma, that needs to change! So, this post is for all of us moms with ADHD!

The Challenge is Real

Don’t get me wrong. Stories of how difficult it is to be a parent with ADHD need to be written and shared. Reading the relatable stories of others in the same shoes helps us feel more sane and less alone. It’s no easy road and the challenge needs to acknowledged. The struggle is very real. And, keep those survival tips coming, friends. We need them!! Being a mom with ADHD is a tall order. Admittedly, parenting is likely one of the hardest jobs out there all by itself. Add a personal life, a career, battling your own ADHD, and most likely having children with ADHD to the stack, and good gravy … it’s no wonder we are so often overwhelmed and at our wit’s end.

Image of moms with ADHD with messy braided blond hair holding her face in her hands.

Perspective Shift

But, today I want to take our focus away from all those things that would bring us down. All too often, we shame ourselves when we compare ourselves to neurotypical moms. We usually feel like we come up short. Well, screw that! Lets turn this cereal box upside down and get to that prize at the bottom, shall we?

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Moms with ADHD Need to Know:

1. You are Compassionate.

You feel things deeply. You’re sensitive, caring, warmhearted, understanding and considerate. You have a huge heart. Intuitive about what those close to you need on an innate level, you can easily empathize with the feelings of others. You are devoted, faithful and willing to fight for your family and your beliefs.

2. You are Generous.

You are open-handed with your money, time and resources. In a heartbeat, you would liberally give and unselfishly go out of your way to help those you love. You have a strong sense of fairness, and can smell a lie from across the room.

3. You are Creative.

You go out of your way to find clever, one-of-a-kind solutions to motivate yourself and those around you. Always able to provide a new and innovative perspective, just think about how often you are called upon for thoughtful, clever, inventive solutions? You know what I’m talking about. You are a commando at problem solving, and you know it! Don’t deny it.

4. You are Tenacious.

Strong-willed and unsatisfied with the status quo, you believe anything is possible. You’re spunky and persistent. When you get knocked down 7 times, you get up 8. Even when you think you can’t, you do! You are resilient as you withstand and recover from seemingly impossible situations … all … the … time.

5. You are OH So Funny!

Able to break loose with spontaneous, unplanned ideas that instantly make things fun, you bring excitement to every day. Life can be a little adventurous and full of surprises with that risk-taking streak of yours, too. You keep your people laughing with your built-in ability to be silly. And, when you’re happy, your contagious laughter spills out everywhere as you practically sparkle and light up the room.

Image of Imgy's hand emerging from a body of water at dusk with a sparkler in whimsical celebration of moms with ADHD.

Ya Feel Me?

Do you get what I’m saying here? Even though it often feels like the deck is stacked against us, there’s powerful good stuff we moms with ADHD genuinely have to offer … that YOU have to offer! We come to the table with strengths that CAN and DO counterbalance our weaknesses. Sweet woman, pat yourself on the back this Mother’s Day for being the amazing, loving and funny woman that your family dearly loves. Momma, you need to know … YOU ROCK! You are the awesome sauce!

Happy Momma’s Day, Sweet Momma!

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