As a Doornail

By Imgy Five minutes to …Write,Talk,Speak, Open up,Dare greatlyTo be vulnerable,To let the thoughts out, the ideas out,Let the ...Emotions express. Ripples, Waves, Caves, Deep dark scary Memories. So many, so much inside ... I don't know If I'm ready to find.But if it's ...IN my way — I want it OUT. Out of the... Continue Reading →

A Brain Like Mine – A Poem about ADHD

A Brain Like Mine by Imgy A brain like mine, it’s not the same Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Attention deficit? No, not really, more like … Scattered, smothered, diced and covered Hyperactive? Almost always, but with my mind or mouth Disorder? If you say so, developmentally different’s more the deal Watch that DNA — it’s... Continue Reading →

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